Android Spy Software Ensuring Effective Child Monitoring Through Parental Control Software

People are rapidly switching to Androids and Blackberrys. These smartphones actually gives you access to all in one place as you can manage your and internet usage at a single place. Along with others, children are also curious to own an android. It is equally important to install web filters and parental control software in androids before handing it over to your kids.

But still you must look for more effective child monitoring software that can work on all your child monitoring needs. The best monitoring app gives you updates about anything done through your child’s android. Moreover, all android spy software can not filter away harmful web content. Having said that, you need to make sure while handing over an android that your child does not access anything that’s deemed inappropriate for him/her.

Social networking websites should be limited for children so that they never waste long hours sitting idle in front of their monitors doing nothing or interacting with unknown people. This limited access would help them concentrate on their studies rather than wasting their time and energy. An effective android monitoring application covers all these concerns and let you monitor your child’s activities effectively.

An effective Android monitoring application would basically enable you to:
•    View call logs
•    Sms logs
•    Geo location tracking
•    Recording targets surrounding
•    Emails
•    Contacts
Android phones are monitored through parental control software as it enables you to set trigger numbers and words with the help of which you receive instant alert on its usage. So, it is really essential to install a child monitoring software in your child’s cell phone to ensure effective android monitoring.

StealthGenie is the most trustworthy android monitoring software compared to others as it covers all child monitoring needs. StealthGenie functions better than others and has made it position that strong and credible. With these three different packages to facilitate it subscribers with, you can choose one that they are comfortable with. So decide now to eliminate the dangers of web usage for your kids.

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